28 January

The DCG family is so happy with our new studio expansion!

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Everyone at DCG is so excited regarding our awesome studio expansion!  Our three new studios are beautiful and so spacious.  If you haven’t heard, DCG grew from 3 studios to 5 studios in the Fall of 2018 and we added a dancewear boutique for your basic dance needs.  If you have not yet seen our […]

27 January

click this link to learn more about the Cecchetti Method of Ballet taught at DCG

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This is a great tribute to Maestro Cecchetti and a wonderful insight to his teachings and method of classical ballet studies.  Beautifully demonstrated and beautifully explained. Bravo! Click here to view the Royal Opera House’s version of the Cecchetti Adage –  Fouette et Ballote, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG1WuZViibU

26 January

see which stretch ABT soloist, Thomas Forster, recommends to do daily!

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Thomas Forster is a personal trainer and American Ballet Theatre Soloist, here is the stretch he recommends all dancers do daily.  1.  Begin in a lunge with right leg front –  knee bent at 90 degree angle –  left leg in back with knee straight.  2. Place left hand on the floor next to your […]

25 January

UNCSA auditions are coming up! Good Luck DCG Dancers!

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Over the next two-three weeks, The North Carolina School of the Arts, will be holding their dance auditions in Winston-Salem, NC.  Several DCG dancers are auditioning for the high school ballet and contemporary program as well as the university dance program.  Mrs. Jeanne Alala is so proud of your hard work and dedication and all […]

24 January

3 audition tips from Christine Cox, Director of BalletX

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It’s audition season and DCG wants our dancers to be prepared in the best ways possible…..here are 3 audition tips (from Dance Magazine, Feb.2019) 1.  Be prepared with all your dance accessories properly sewn and carefully thought out; shortcuts show that you will take the path which required the least amount of resistance and this […]

21 January

The DCG dancers are heading to their competitions soon!

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The Dance Center of Greensboro is excited to announce that our company dancers are competing in four genres of dance this season!  Each company level will compete in classical ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical-or-contemporary categories!  Our studio director, and faculty, are proud to present the DCG students that have pushed themselves in all facets of […]

17 January
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