Here are a few tips to help college freshman settle into college dance programs!

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Here are a few tips from grad students for freshman dancers entering college dance programs:

  1. Explore interests outside of dance. It helps you develop more as a person and become a better dancer and artist. Things like screenwriting may help you with choreography and science classes like physics or anatomy may help you to better understand how your body works.
  2. Studying Somatics, the ability to focus on internal awareness, might help in making a smoother transition into the more advanced college technique classes. Try taking Pilates, yoga and contact improvisation classes which will teach you how to breathe and engage your core which is connected to everything.
  3. Audition for anything and everything you can. Even though you may not get cast in most things during your Freshman year, it’s a great way to open doors with the faculty and upperclassmen. You want to take advantage of every performance opportunity including repertories, student works and faculty pieces.  (Dance Spirit, October 2017)

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