professional insights to help you get the most from dance competitions

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Here are 3 tips to help you get the most out of dance competitions.  1.  Participating in dance competitions and conventions allows you to build a network with professionals in the dance world.  Not only can you develop professional relationships with teachers, and choreographers, but you can develop important relationships with your peers, too.  These relationships will stick with you throughout your career, so make them count!.  2.  Always have your own personal goals prepared before competing.  Do not compare yourself to your fellow dancers.  Stay focused on accomplishing your personal dance goals.  3.  The professional dance world is full of variables beyond lighting and spike marks…the experience of competing will help prepare you to tackle the professional dance world.  So, as you prepare for your next dance competition remember that working hard and getting exposure are the most important things to take away from dance competitions. (Dance Magazine, Oct. 2017)

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