Strong & Spirited – Being on a college dance team!

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There are many ways for dancers to continue their dance training in college, being on a dance team is a great way to incorporate dance into your college life.   Here are a few tips you should know.  1.  Dance teams involve interviews and camera time for local television appearances.  2.  Dance teams heavily emphasize school spirit.  3.  Dance teams members perform as one cohesive unit and are less concerned with the individual dancers artistry.  4.  Dance teams use tumbling skills at games and events.  5.  Last but not least…..many dance team members are able to enter the professional commercial-dance world as NBA and NFL cheerleaders and some move on to become dance team coaches and choreographers!  Going to college doesn’t mean having to leave dance behind.  Check out your college’s dance team and see if it’s right for you! (Dance Magazine, October 2017)

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