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Cecchetti Ballet Examination Program Cecchetti Ballet Examination Program

Cecchetti is a sequence of grades, carefully measured to degree of difficulty and physical development, and provides a system of accredited examinations to test student’s proficiency

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17 October

toxic girls at every audition & how to maintain your “A” game (part 4 of 6)

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As you know auditions are the time for showing off your “A” game to the teachers and choreographers.  This next distracting and obnoxious girl at your audition is called the over emoter.  The over emoter breathes and sighs very heavily with tremendous outpouring of her soul with every movement.  She will ham it up big […]

16 October

toxic girls at every audition & how to maintain your “A” game (part 3 of 6)

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Auditioning for a job or admittance into a dance program is already hard enough.  You want to watch out for the ‘Girl that fights her way to the front row on center.’  You’ll know her when you see her because she’s got her elbows out and she is gunning herself downstage to the center of […]

15 October

toxic girls at every audition & how to maintain your “A” game! (part 2 of 6)

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Watch out for another type of girl at your next audition called the “Intimidation Stretcher.”  This dancer will get right into practicing her latest contortion tricks before the audition even begins.  Yes, she is very flexible and will look appear to casual as if to say she does this all time, before and after every […]

Meet our Faculty!

What our faculty is saying:

  • Mallory Graham

    “The Dance Center of Greensboro doesn’t just teach dancing. It creates dancers!”

    - Mallory Graham
  • Jeanne Alala

    “Being a professional dancer was an important experience in my life that led me to open The Dance Center of Greensboro’s doors to a new generation of dancers. I could not be more proud of The Dance Center of Greensboro’s community, whose hard work and commitment continuously inspires me to produce the best dance educational program possible.”

    - Jeanne Alala
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About The Dance Center of Greensboro

The Dance Center of Greensboro offers the highest quality of dance education through standardized curriculum taught by professional dancers. We provide multiple performance opportunities for dancers and tumblers including our annual Wake Forest University half-time shows, annual Nutcracker ballet performance, national ballet examinations, competitive dance teams, and our Spring recitals.

Our Dance Instructors offer their professional career experience including: Broadway, National and International Broadway Tours, Walt Disney World (Orlando), Tokyo Disneyland, National award winning dancers and National award winning choreographers. Our Director, Jeanne Alala, is a certified and accredited member of Dance Masters of America, Inc., a non-profit National Dance Education Program for teaching correct technique in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Tumbling. Mrs. Alala has over 30 years experience within the DMA Educational Program as a student that received several National DMA Dance Titles and Scholarships and as an instructor that has passed each of the teacher examinations with an average grade of 99% and qualifying for certification into the program. Additionally, Mrs. Alala has recently been invited to teach Master Ballet Classes within the CDMA dance educational programs. (Please see Faculty Biographies for professional experience)

We are so excited to offer an environment with faculty that nurture, inspire and educate. Our teachers have the knowledge and experience in many styles of dance and are here to celebrate & share the joy and happiness that dance has brought into each of our lives. Dance is an art which knows no boundaries. Dance creates inspiration while it grows and flourishes by touching our lives. Dance promotes happiness, tells stories, provides valuable life lessons and most importantly touches our hearts and souls.